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What's happening people? 


I 'm looking for some recommendations on a fairly high-end set of cans for my PS4.  Up to this point, and this may seem sad to others, but the best set I've had/listened to were the A50's, so I'm looking for something that sound just as good or better.  To make a long story short, I went through two sets of A50's that were faulty so I'm flat out done with those, therefor I'm back in the market for a decent headset.  Again,  I want something that rivals the A50's in terms of sound quality and deep bass if not better.  I do like my bass.   


From what I've read it seems a lot of folks are using some sort of mixamp to power their headset and give that headset the virtual surround sound that the cans otherwise do not have, correct?  Also that mixamp can control the game sound or voice sound, which otherwise you wouldn't have, correct?  I definitely want chat/mic capability.  I was looking at the new Audio-Technica ATH-AG1's but they are currently back ordered.  Apparently they are fully compatible with the PS4 by plugging in the 3.5mm cable into the controller.  Is there any sound degradation by using this method?  Also, if i wanted VSS I'd want a mixamp too, correct? 


I'd like to keep my budget under $400.  I was thinking about just picking up the A40's with mixamp, but I'm really wanting some higher end sound, if possible for under $400. I see a lot of guys have a Sennheiser setup along with a mixamp that they're happy with.  I'm willing to try out something similar or better if the budget permits. 


Also, I have a pretty decent pioneer AVR.  I've seen some people plug into an AVR but there is no chat functionality with that config and I would not have any VSS or I would by selecting a preset?  Sorry as I have a ton of questions.  Just want the best possible setup and sound as I'm sure we all do. 


Thanks a ton for any answers and recommendations.