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AMP/DAC for Shure SE425?

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Hi Everyone,


I was just wondering if buying an amp/DAC is actually cost-effective for the Shure SE425 or is running through the iPod/iPhone good enough for it? Considering it is only a dual-driver and low impedance will an amp yield great improvements in detail, separation, etc? If you guys recommend an amp, which one would you recommend with these IEMs?


I am still new to all these kind of stuff so I apologize in advance if this is common sense I searched around and couldn't find a solid answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Most iPods should drive those OK. A DAC with a better headphone amp would probably give you some more detail, but then you gotta carry that around, too, and charge it.

You might look into the new FiiO X5 DAP, which should have better audio than your iPod. Whether or not the upgrade would be worth it, I can't tell you. Perhaps someone will compare it for you if you visit the X5 thread:
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Thanks for the reply! I am thinking of a FiiO E07K or E17 so that I can use an external soundcard for my laptop which also doubles up as a DAC. Since you have pointed out that gains will be minimal I am hesitant. Maybe I'll go try them out at a local audio store.

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An E17 might improve your laptop sound. On board audio is often not the best.
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Thanks for the help. I just picked up the E07k today. Both the E07k and E17 comes with the same Wolfson DAC so I really saved myself 40 bucks since I don't need the SPDIF on the E17 :)

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Great smily_headphones1.gif

How does it sound?
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Definitely a substantial upgrade from the laptop soundcard. Everything just sounds fuller and listening to the beginning of Get Lucky with the E07k the bass is tighter and definitely bolder. Quite a cost-effective upgrade considering I picked up the E07k for $100 bucks. I would recommend it :)

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Well now, just stay away from Head-Fi for awhile, or you'll be looking for a good pair of full sized headphones next wink.gif
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This hobby is getting expensive haha. I already have my eyes on a pair of headphones :)

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