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Hello, I am new and I have audio problems .. =P

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Hello folks, I am new in your community and actually discovering slowly your site, I am having a good time reading your reviews and posts about the topic. I think I don’t qualify yet as a true audiophile, basically because I still need a lot of orientation but I really enjoy sound quality, especially in theaters, movies, etc.


When is about music I mainly use my computer and ipod with medium/high-quality files, at worst I try to have mp3 at 328 kb/s or equivalent acc. I like live albums, acoustic, classic and instrumental.


I was not in the headphones mood, but now I would like to try something good , right now in my house I have some old Panasonics, a Pioneer M390 and Sony ZX-300, don’t bother looking for the models, are in the bottom of the low-end haha. Occasionally I will also use headphones to see a movie or series, but I am looking mostly for music. Comfort is something important too, because some occasion I see me using headphones for some hours.


I think you might be tired of answer this question, but what do you suggest for someone like me? I was looking into the Grado, Sennheiser and Shure. My budget is something like 200 USDLLS. But I am not really sure what to look. Thanks a lot. 

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I might need to add that I use headphones mainly in my house, so I dont really mind if those are open or closed, also I am not concerned about portability and I love string instruments. Maybe it helps a bit =)



Sennheiser HD 598 (stetics are not very important, but I dont like the color =/, also almost out of budget)

Sennheiser HD 558

Sennheiser HD HD449

Grado Prestige Series SR125i Headphones (doesnt seem very comfortable)


I probably can't audition most of this items because I am not in US, so I will need to ship them.

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What other things do you need from it? Do you need it to be a closed headphone, or is open-back noise leak (into and out of the headphone) not an issue? Would you prefer the earpads to go on your ears or around the ear lobes? Would you consider in-ear monitors?
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Hello, thanks for your response, I was editing my last post to include a little more details, but basically:


Do you need it to be a closed headphone, or is open-back noise leak (into and out of the headphone) not an issue?


- I prefer closed, but not an issue at all.



Would you prefer the earpads to go on your ears or around the ear lobes?


- I want them to be comfortable, so I prefer around the ear lobes but I am open to discussion about this. Probably a good design over the ear is comfortable too. 


Would you consider in-ear monitors?

- I might consider them, but I am more into full headphones around the ear lobes. 

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Originally Posted by volvo12 View Post

I prefer closed, but not an issue at all.

Can you elaborate on that? Most of us would choose open headphones for the better soundstage over closed. So if needing isolation is not an issue, you should look into open headphone options. There are a lot of good ones in the <$300 range.
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Sure cel4145, I can think of very few circumnstances where the audio leaks can bother me, I usually use headphones in my home, and most of time alone, for this few circumstances I might prefer a closed design but if an open design improves the SQ subtantially  I will go for an open design without a blink. 


In a few words, I want to have the better SQ possible within my limited budget. 

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Open can just give you a more immersive experience. You can typically hear the separation of the instruments better. And with live music, an open headphone can create more of the experience that you are in the room.

HD598, DT880, or Q701 are what I would recommend you look into. Grado SR225i if you want a headphone that works great for mainly rock (it tends to bring out guitar really well). The DT880 and Q701 will need a headphone amp or a soundcard on a computer that has a built in headphone amp. The HD598 and Q701 are easy to drive.

One of the most comfortable would be the Sony MA900s. However, they were discontinued recently and are difficult to find for less than $250 now.
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Thank you cel4145, I think Grado models are out now, what can you tell me about the HD 558? Are they very inferior to the HD598, any special feature missing from it and present in the bigger brother? I ask because I think I like more the design of the HD558, is more close to my budget and maybe I could use some of the extra money for a DAC 

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Check this out. You can make the HD558 sound almost like the HD598 by removing this piece of tape. The HD598 and HD558 apparently use the same drivers. So apparently, to make them sound more different, Sennheiser stuck the tape in there smily_headphones1.gif

Nice thing about your iPod is that it probably will do very well with the HD558--generally most models do. And then you could get a DAC/amp for your computer. The Audioquest Dragonfly is a good deal right now. Because they came out with a V 1.2 model, you can get the original for $100.
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Thanks cel4145, I am really leaning toward the  HD 558, I found a "local" supplier in my country who also will offer me warranty and without a very inflated price.


In the other hand I am only a bit worried because I can't listen them first, and this model in particular have very good and a few very bad reviews in this and other forums, but the other option is to wait a little bit more and then go for the HD 598, although the fact that they share the same speaker now intrigues me, I am not sure if the HD 598 worth the extra cash, specially because I don't have the opportunity to listen any of them. Also, my local supplier don't have those on "sale" and the normal price is very high compared to the price in USA. 


This is killing me, but I like it haha is an interesting experience haha

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Many of us have that problem. I don't have anywhere near me to listen to headphones either, other than a local big box electronics store where the audio setup is horrible and the headphones have been abused.

Since you say that the HD598 are super expensive, but the HD558 are more reasonably priced, I'd say go with the HD558s and save the rest of your money for something else smily_headphones1.gif
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Well, I am going to pull the trigger today after lunch, hope this is the right choice :tongue:

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Well, harm is done, these ones are comming to my house probably as soon as this weekend, hope so.


As I said early in the post, this headphones are my first headphones and my first question is,  what's up with the burn-in ? Is recommended to play them continiously for a certain amount of time to accelerate the burn-in or is better to do it naturally? I ask because in a numerous posts people mention this process.



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Whether or not burn in changes the sound quality is controversial. But you don't have to do it for it will happen naturally through just using them.
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