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Sony MDR-1R or Ultrasone HFI-2400

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I am looking for new headphones replacing my Sennheiser PX200-II. I love them, but they are quite uncomfortable for me, because at home I started to listen for longer periods than 1 hour. Once I tried bigger over-ear headphone, I felt in love with it and decided that my next headphone will be over-ear.

I had an opportunity to listn to MDR-1R for a few minutes and sound was OK, maybe a little boring for me, but I was listening in shop where was a lot of noise. I loved bulit quality and COMFORT though.

Then I listened to Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 80 ohm and sound was much much better, more details everywhere, deep bass exactly where it should be and I loved built quality and velour cups, but I am affraid of long heavy undetachable cable which isnt very suitable for portable use. Also there wasnt any headphone case included. So I left this choice.

I was convinced for Sony but I found great deal for those Ultrasone. Sadly I cant audition them anywhere.


What do you thing about them comparing to Sony?


I can get: Sony MDR-1R for 136 €

                Ultrasone HFI-2400 for 119 €


By the way, I listen mainly jazz, funk and a little bit of hip-hop.

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I owned the Sony MDR-1R for a while. I found the Sony very comfortable but the sound was somewhat muffled. I could not hear details that I was usually hearing with other headphones, it has a very bassy dark signature. But maybe that suits your style of music....

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For that price for HFI-2400 I can definately recommend them. I haven't heard any Sony headphones so can't say anything about them. You are planning portable use? Then get Sony, 2400s are open and leak alot.



Also I am very interested where did you find that deal for 2400s...

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yes exactly! sound wasnt very detailed and dark somehow. Maybe it was only first impression, I havent had chance to listen to them properly. When I listened DT770 pro, it was like from different world..  But as I was saying, I dont think they will be very good for portable use. It is shame..



I found them today in e-shop here in Slovakia. I was surprised too when I saw this Ultrasone for the price.. So you ar saying that they are not very good for portable use? I understand that they are open, but is it really that bad? I never tried any opened headphones so I cant imagine how it behave in real life.. Once I had Koss PortaPro and I have noticed that people are looking at me a lot.. haha


I also found Ultrasone HFI-680 for 94€, so I can consider also these..

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The HFI-2400 are open headphone, which means sound leaks out a lot and you will be able to hear your environment. They are best for home use in a fairly quiet place.
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HFI-680s would be also very good for that price. I have had 580s, pretty bass heavy. 680s should be little more balanced. They seal very well and are good for portable use. Comfort is little downside for them tho, not comfortable but not uncomfortable either.

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Or are there any other choices of closed headphones? I found also AKG K551 at 139 € and I liked the looks of it, but when saw pictures of someone actually wearing them, I never knew they were that big! 

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See the lists in the Head-Fi buying guide and also the Innerfidelity Wall of Fame lists (which lead to full reviews). You might find something you like there that is available to you smily_headphones1.gif
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thanks for advices :) 

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