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For Sale:
Alclair Reference Monitors

Will Ship To: Canada and US

Up for sale is a pair of Alclair Reference Monitors, the triple driver model. I purchased it on December of 2012. It's in good condition and the drivers are perfectly fine, but the cable's oxidized green and all that. It comes in the Pelican hardcase, but I've lost the earwax cleaner. You will have to remolded from another company, unless your ear canals happen to match mine perfectly, haha. The reason why I'm selling it is because it's really uncomfortable for my right ear now, and I need some money for my tuition.

I'll have to take the payment through paypal, but I would really prefer a local transaction. I'll charge 10 dollars for shipping, and I only plan on shipping to the States and Canada. I don't have any pictures for it right now, but I can put some up if you're interested. Thanks for looking.

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