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Hi there,


I would need advice whether to pull the trigger on SRH1540.


A little about me:


Genres: A lot of EDM but on the melodic side with a lot of vocals, particularly Vocal Trance. Other vocal focused pop etc. songs especially good female vocals. Some older rock eg. Led Zeppelin etc. Also some classical music but mainly concertos and piano pieces, think Rachmaninoff, Chopin.


Sound Signature Preference: Good vocal performance is of paramount importance for me, especially female ones. Also I don't like a lot of bass but if the music producer intended some to be there it would be great if the headphones could reproduce it. Treble, please no sibilance.  Generally a neutral sounding but a fun, not super analytical and emphasizes on vocal performance with a lot of detail retrieval would be nice. Additionally I would love some bigger soundstage.


Current Gear: Now, I own an SRH840, which I love, it has awesome vocal performance, it is quite neutral yet there is a touch of 'silky' feeling to it. I LOVE Shure sound. But.. I just want something more. More detail, more soundstage. 

(I don't know what's with me.. Ever since I got into buying better headgear than the standard Apple earbuds I can't stop looking for an even better option. :( )

Also I recently bought an O2/ODAC and want to sort of justify it.

In addition I own a number of IEMs and portables, which are irrelevant in this case.


I was also thinking of buying either a Q701 or HD650. While I understand these 3 cans are completely different beasts, with different sound signatures and strengths/weaknesses I am just not sure what to do.

SRH1540 is much more expensive than either Q701 or HD60 (around £200 and £100 more, respectively). 


So my question is: Is SRH1540 that good? What will it sound like after SRH840? 


Thanks in advance.