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Amp/DAC for T1 for $1k?

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Hey guys,


So I just bought a pair of Beyer T1s, and am eager to find a good Amp/DAC combo for them (playing off a Macbook Pro.) My budget at this point is around $1k.

I've read the major T1 amp recommendation threads, looked at tons of reviews, etc etc, but could still use some advice. I know that the usual recommendation for the T1 is a WA2, but at ~$1200 for the amp alone, it's too expensive for me to justify. Here's what I'm looking at right now:


WA7 ($1k)

Pan-Am with Gateway ($650)

La Figaro 339/Darkvoice 337 (~$700) + Dacport LX (~$200)

Used Burson Soloist (~$700) + Dacport LX

Used Decware CSP2+ ($650) + "

Used Little Dot MKVI+ ($650) + "

Shiit Lyr ($450) + Shiit Bifrost ($350)


So, my question basically is, do you have a preference for one of these combinations/something I haven't thought of (particularly a different DAC).



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Also, in case it's relevant, my music preferences are pretty eclectic, primarily a mix of rock/pop (from REM to Bastille), classical, and electronic (Ratatat and such, nothing too heavy/dubstep-y).

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