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Having purchased and returned the Sony A7R 36 MP high-MP monster, I was hoping for a Sony camera with same sensor but better/faster AF similar to Sony A6000, but this A7S with 12.2 MP threw me for a loop from the left field.  With such huge pixel size, it *should* have unheard-of dynamic range at high ISO, something even D800/A7R cannot manage at high ISO.  With -4.0 EV AF, it should have fabulous AF in low light, and if color fidelity and IQ benefit from large pixels, this camera could be THE walk-around, low-light monster we have never seen before.  Although this camera should appeal to videographers, it could seduce photographers who shoot low-light events.  

Hate to say it, but Sony does seem to be towering over Canikon when it comes to imagination, innovation, and appetizing cameras   :blink: