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Under $20 IEM or earbud

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I listen to mostly jazz
also love red hot chili peppers
Some rap
and some dancehall
Anybody who can relate to any of these genres?
Would the jvc ha fx-101 or fx-40 be good at all?
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Many people around here favor the Monoprice 8320. Personally, they aren't my thing, but that doesn't mean they won't be yours. I would recommend the Panasonic RP-TCM 125's for a decent all rounder, or the JVC HAFX1X for a warmer, bassier sound.

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You can try the Pistons by Xiaomi. 


Good bass and mids. 

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Sony mh1c

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Heard a lot of bad things about the fit on the 8320s so I don't want to take a gamble
Someone above said fx1x, so I think I'll go with the fx101 and just eq some of the bass out if it gets overbearing on my bebop
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