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Hey there! Some 40€ IEM's raccomandations?

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Hi =) My right Sennheiser MX-470 stopped living, so i'm searching for a new pair...

I'm pretty interested in IEMs, but i'm scared that they're going to do something to my hear... Are they healty ok?


I'm searching an earphone with:

-Sound isolation: I'm a drummer and i need some(i'm using a pair of builder-earphones too)

-Sound quality: For the same reason as above, i need a very good soundstage that fills all frequencies(drums move from 30 to 18khz normally..)

-COMFORTABILITY: They have to be quite comfortable, i use earphones very much!

-Price: 40€

-Good build quality: My sennheiser lasted about 2years.. am the


I was reading of some models like krasen and bainwavz but I don't know very well... I'm in your hands =)


SEARCHED SOUNDSTAGE: I want corpose basses, I love hearing bass drum strong, but the other frequencies have to be good too! I want a warm sound with a nice definition and instrument separation.

MUSIC GENRE: Quite all, mostly Alternative-Prog metal/rock(Like Dream Theater/5FDP/A7X/Skillet/Breaking Benjamin) and electro/house/some dub...


Some tips? Thank you in advance u.u


EDIT: I'm seeing the Vsonic brand... Some says that it's good! Which is the best in this price-range for you?

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I suggest the Vsonic VSD1. They are supposed to have 80% of the SQ of GR07 for 30% of its price. Real good value for money.

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I read that they are very good for their price, but in the multi review 3D it seems that they are quote poor in bass region... Is it right? Expecially i read that them Give their best in the pop/rock region, would they be good in electronic and metal(With a more basses)?
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PS: I need a DAC too.. I don't know How much spend... Which is a good model in the 20-35€ range?
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Get the monoprice extended bass headphones and watch your jaw drop for 7 dollars worth. Triple flange is a must for deep insertion.

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Are you sure that them are better than VSonic VSD1? Many reviews say that them are one of the best sub-100!

PS: Some reccomand the Fiio E11 AMP... What about it?
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For 7 dollars and cents how could you go wrong?! Buy them, burn them in for 100 hours get some triple flanges and they're worth every penny. It's one of the most underrated headphones on the net. Don't let the pricetag fool you.

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I don't have the VSD1, I have the GR07 and the bass is good and if they have similar SQ, I don't think VSD1 bass will be lacking. Best to check out the VSD1 appreciation thread.


I thought you were looking for a DAC, the E11 an AMP. If you want to get an AMP/DAC, I suggest the Fiio E07K.

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@RadiatedAnt : I never let the prove fool me, but I have to find a good review smily_headphones1.gif I'll check, do u know one? Can you say me for dure that them are quite like the vsonic?

@Zamorin : 3Ds and reviews say that they are very very good... If you say that with them I will be happy, after radiarted answer I'll decide what to buy smily_headphones1.gif

Yes you are right... Or better, I don't want an higher volume(my Superlux HD681 are 16 or 32 ohms, the ones you reccomand me too..) I do not need an amp maybe, I only want something portabile that can Give me a better sound, 90$ are too much for now, maybe i'll buy it later smily_headphones1.gif Or you know something around 40$ that can make a sightly improve of the headphone's and IEM's sound?
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I'm seriously thinking about buying the Vsonic this evening... Is it better to buy a 40$ portable amp or dac now or do it in the future maybe with an higher budget? Which DAC do you reccomand me? Isn't it much en E11 to have a sightly sound-improvement?
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why not just top it up a bit and get the GR07s or RHA? If you have a good quality player(DAP or phone) better to invest in a better earphone than an external AMP/DAC. My opinion only.

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You are maybe right(which rha model? smily_headphones1.gif ), but I have a pair of Superlux HD681, I know that them are not the best, but i listened at some sennheiser or others OEM's headphones over 100€ and mine are better in my opinion..

I wanted a DAC to use with IEM and headphone, in that way i suppose to have a better sound with em all, isn't it?
My device is a Nexus 5 with Poweramp.
The GR07s are a bit pricey...
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true, but I got mid-range iems, fiio e17 etc but my best SQ upgrade was the GR07, I haven't yet upgraded since. I also think Poweramp is the best. rha 750i

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Really, I bought the full version cause it's the best in the market!

What a good the reccomanded RHA! But a bit overpriced to me... You know, these are my first IEMs and I don't want to spend much cause what will happen if I like earphones more? I will have an highly priced but not usable pair xD


I suppose that i'll buy the VSD1, but I need only one tip, the VSD1 version or the VSD1s version? I remind that my favourite genres are Alternative Metal and electronic... So i suppose that the more bassed and analytics one will be the best... So which model?

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vsd1 is the highly rated model.

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