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As the topic suggests, I have a pair of JH Roxanne's that I am currently using in conjunction with a Iphone5...I am a subscriber to Beats audio app and love it (this is similar to lose less music, correct?) and am looking to upgrade my dap to bring out the perfectness of the Roxanne's

I'm not a bass head per say, but I do like a strong bass presence, I like warm and detailed mids with accurate treble. I listen to primarily rock, oldies, hip hop, country, and modern (think billboard top 100) It would be nice to be able to use my beats app with whatever dap I get if possible. I've been considering the Ibasso Dx 100 and 50, the Fiio X5, and the AK100 or 120 (I'd love the 240 but don't want to spend that much) and the sony ZX 1.

Would anyone have any input or recommendations for me to look into? I am not sure I have even heard true lossless flac/WAV music before, and very much want to get the best audio experienced I can, for the $/performance ratio. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and give any suggestions.