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Hi guys, im making my first portable balanced rig. 


this is my plan:

AK240 > (A) > ALO RXMK3B+ > (B) > (C) > LCD-X


A. Silver Dragon V3 Portable Mini Cable

Source End : 2.5mm TRRS Balanced Connector for AK-240

Receiving End : RSA/ALO Balanced Male Connector


B. Silver Dragon V3 Portable Mini Cable

Receiving End: RSA/ALO Balanced Male Connector

Source End: Neutrik Female 1/4" Stereo Jack


C.Silver Dragon V3 Premium Audeze Headphone Cable 

Termination End: Furutech Carbon Fiber/Rhodium CF-763 1/4” Plug 


My question is, would it be a full balanced connection? im having a hard time searching if the (B) to (C) cord is balanced.

your kind reply would be of great help :DDDD


if you have recommendation please feel free to comment :)

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