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usb vs xlr microphone equivalent?

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Hello, I am putting together a list of microphones at different price-points for another community online.
essentially I'm creating a list of good products in certain ranges (not just mics...but many things)

USB mics such as the at2020usb, snowball, and yeti are highly popular...almost over-hyped...

So I began to put together this list- of condenser, dynamic, and ribbon mics etc.

Now I notice that MANY of these mics, such as the at2020, at2500, and mxl 990 come in both usb and xlr varieties.

Mics will be used for vocals, potentually both talking, singing, screaming, and yelling (among many voice types as well)

Would improvement be noticed with an xlr mice going through an xlr-usb adapter?
the adapters I'm looking to list are as follows:

-Small USB Adapters-
Shure X2U
MXL MicMate Pro (looks to lack phantom switch so ribbon is no go)
Blue Icicle (budget option)
-Small USB audio interfaces-
Mackie Onyx Blackjack 2x2
M-Audio M-Track Plus 2-Channel Portable
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
M-Audio M-Track 2-Channel Portable (budget option)
PreSonus AudioBox USB 2x2

Information on this would be greatly appreciated as it will affect sorting.

Also, if possible, help refining the usb-xlr interface list would be of much help.

thank you, I know nothing about xlr and this will be a great kelp.
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You're asking if there is improved fidelity when using an XLR mic with an XLR to USB analog-to-digital converter compared to using an XLR mic with an analog recording setup?


Are you asking which is better as far as digital vs analog recording goes?

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I'm asking if the use of a xlr and a usb interface would be of better quality than the same mic with one built in.

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I suggest you start asking here :- http://homerecording.com/bbs/


In my experience you will never record anything with a USB mic, you may use them for VOIP but from my perspective thats where it ends.

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Hi Jeremy!


I would avoid the USB adapters.


I would highly recommend that if you're serious about recording vocals, that you look into a phantom powered cardiod mic and a proper interface. This will allow you to get the best signal possible. 


I'd even recommend you look into something like the H4n or H6. Both of these devices are amazing and when properly used, they essentially a 4 or 6 track studio in the palm of your hands. 


For vocals, I'd highly recommend you look into the Guage 87.


Investment might be a bit much, but the quality you'll get will be worth it.

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then how would the input get to the pc?



I thought the Shure X2U would of been plenty good enough.

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