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Just this last christmas, i got a wonderful pair of ultrasone dj1s, and have always loved them. But my dad wants me to stop taking them to school and take something a little lower grade so they wont get stolen. Taking this into consideration, i decided i would rather get some iems instead for 1, they look better, and 2, i will be working out with them too.
These arethe qualities i need with the earbuds
1, must be sub 100 dollars
2,they must be stylish and look pretty cool when I am wearing them
3,as for my music preferences, i am not super strict. I know they wont sound near as good as my ultrasones, but i want them to be "decent", and just like the ultrasones i want something with pretty decent balance, except for the bass. I like a good kick
4, i have be able to workout with them on
5,they have to be fairly durable
6, they have to be comfortable

As most of you noticed the thread is named s4 vs s4 2. I have narrowed my options down to them but i am willing to listen to others. Their about the same price, have same sound, but the s4 2s look a little nicer and are more durable, but produce a lot of cable noise when running. Im leaning towards the s4 2s but should i get them? Oh and i will be uaing an lg g2 for my music player. Thank you for any suggestions!