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Good evening to all you music nuts/freaks!


I have been hanging round for ages and enjoying other peoples passions and insights.

Now I love my music and over the last few years have got to loving my cans due to changes in my life style, I now travel more for fun and need my music to be transportable. So.....


I listen to lot of different music, Baths, Aphex twin, Holly Cole,Bjork, Heather Nova, Prodigy, Tom Waits,James Blake, Funkadelic and the list goes on and on.......boredom sets in....and on.


I have a few pairs of cans, bought cheaply but like them all for varying reasons. CAL, Sansui ss2, Senn px100 and Senn Dj Style something 200 ( fun in a boom tizz way), AKG 141-600ohms, Toshiba Hr 80(need plug) Echo TDS 16 (latest ones and fun) also Sony mhc1 iems.All fed by various phones, tablets, Toshiba gigabeat and a laptop with good cheap usb dac and good cheap fredfred 18v cmoy(op amp changed). Love the old and cheapish stuff, more fun than the HiFi stuff I had before...just as well as my budget changed commensurate with my lifestyle change!


Has anybody had any experience with the Russian Echos and modded them in any way? They seem pretty balanced over most music types, a tad lacking in the low end but it is still present...listening to Holly cole at the moment and mmmmmm nice. I am curious as to how much better they could sound with modding.


Hoping somewhere out there someone knows something.Anything!


Thanking you....