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Hi everyone,


As state in the title, I'm looking for two answers. Let me introduce my current experience:


I have :

1) M-Audio Audiophile 192 (PCI card) in a Windows 8.1 Machine. I chose this card especially because it has inputs for my guitar (from my Kemper Amplifier) and has analog outputs for the second item (2)

2) XENYX 502 by Behringer: Small mixer so that I can input directly my M-Audio's card to my third item (3) and to input other components, like my Xbox (RCA audio) or my Guitar if my computer is off, so that I can play seperatly from having my computer opened.

3) Yamaha HS50 which are way better than my Creative that I had. I saw the difference the moment I listened to music, I've heard stuff I haven't heard before. As you can expect, I have a 6.5mm (from item two (2)) to my Yamaha XLR for connection.


I listen mainly to Metal (from every range, death, melodic, etc) but also Blues/Jazz.


At the moment, everything seems to be perfect, but in the near future i'll have to upgrade my 5 year old computer (still running the first i7 I'm proud of) because my CPU is starting to degrade a lot faster. With PC stuff out of the way, I may have in the future to find if I keep my M-Audio PCI card (since newer Mobos don't feature PCI slots).


So based on that and the fact that it fits my current purpose, I'm lookint forward if I'm missing something:

1) what would you guys propose as upgrade in sound quality (if there is)? If you think it's still good/best, let me know also (I'm trying to have an oppinion-based debate).

2) What do you think about having a ODAC+O2 (by JDS Labs) or any other DAC vs my Audiophile 192 in term of audio quality (again, trying to have a oppinion-based debate). Having an ODAC+O2 would not be an upgrade (or will it) since I would have to buy an external audio card for my guitar input.

3) If you would have to buy a pair of headphone for my current setup, knowing my style of music, would you pick a HD598/600/650? I also play video games.


Thanks and looking forward your oppinions! :)

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