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For Sale: GRADO RS1 + accessories

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For Sale:
GRADO RS1 + accessories

Will Ship To: Anywhere

$$$$$$$$ HEADPHONES SOLD$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


If I could afford it I would not be letting these go, but in need of money and have one headphone too many. Im the second owner, and they are in fantastic shape. One scratch in the wood on one of the cups, but besides that really nice cosmetically and perfect functionally. I also replaced with new cups when I first got them a little over a year ago, so the foam cups are in really nice clean shape and ready for someone to really get in there. I will include official Grado adapter, as well as goodcans carrying bag that is fantastic for these. Open to shipping wherever, and we can work out what that means depending on where they're going pricewise. If shipping to USA Im happy to cover shipping. PM me for more pictures or with any questions.


An interesting side note is that the first owner was Richard Sanders, who was a well regarded forensic audio expert from Colorado. He worked on some really high profile cases like Kobe Bryant, Oklahoma City bombing, etc.; who knows what kind of interesting work may have been done with these beautiful Grados! See link below:


Also Ive been using these with a well matched little dot MKI+. Highly recommended, the synergy is fantastic. Add $80 for the little dot. I will ship it with an extra op amp which will make it sound even better once modded. 


Please let me know if you might be interested in the well matched Hietrung stand as well. Not sure if Im letting it go or not yet. Thanks for checking out the ad!

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Im in Seattle. Can also provide more pictures of accessories and things to anyone interested.


Someone asked if I had the original box, I do not. But I will include a goodcans medium sized headphone bag which was designed specifically for these sized Grados and works really nice. Padded and awesome little bag.

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