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Hi everyone. I own a CAL! and even tho I am considering changing it in another topic, I think I will hold on to it, because I can't find anything that sound as great and have so nice cushiony earpads in such a price... Just headband is too hard but maybe You have some ideas how to improve headband on CAL to be more comfortable? but nvm. cal topic is for that.


I never owned any headphone stand and I want to make one. I was working 2 years as a carpenter and I have some know how about woodwork. I have plenty of plywood and other wood some dark purple plexi too! I have all tools too. My father is all time furniture carpenter so we have everything.


Any tips what makes a good headphone stand? Keep in mind that I want to improve on CAL headband softness somehow in the future so I guess a good stand should not make pressure on soft parts of headband and should now in any way stretch headphone etc.


So there seems to be 2 main designs. "ohm" head stand. That is a curved plank or plexi like on storefronts. The headphone rests on this almost like on head but with less clamping force. Here my only concern is, wouldn't "sweaty" earpads touching the wood be kinda gross? Also earpads need to rest sometimes too. Having soft cushions being clamped all the time either to head to stand might be degrading them.


and another design is just a hooklike stand. Wooden(or whatever) stand with one or double wide hook/s coming out. Way easier to do too. Seems like this one would make points of pressure on headband.


So any ideas? Or should I just drop it and buy a headstand ?

also, what about cable ?

edit: I am an idiot... just now noticed 200 pages headphone stand topic... guess there is a cal reinforcement and modifications topic somewhere too

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