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X3 - high gain explanation

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Hi, i seek some info about high gain feature on fiio x3. I thought it just adds more volume for high impedance headphones, so i ignored this feature but recently i did some listening and find out, that i like sound of my es10 (portable closed 42ohm hp with 53mm drivers) more with high gain.




1. How could this be? What high gain exactly means from technical perspective? Something with higher voltage?

2. Does high gain drains more battery than low gain on same loudness level (not volume level)?

3. Does somebody else like the sound more with high gain? If so, what headphones do you use?

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      To first point I can't answer, ain't technically efficient. Only I know that the is concerned

voltage gain.

    To second point - to this questions I'm asked our local (Czech) importer. And importer me to my question tell that the act about voltage gain which hasn't  or has totally minimum influence on stamina battery.

    To third point - Yes, I like sound with high gain - I can use lower volume level. My headphones are Senneiser HD650 - circumaural, inear phones Fischer DB02 MK II and Marley Uplift.

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I like high gain on my q701, but on the meelec a151 or a161 in ear there is no noticeable difference

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I think I read from the manual that "high gain" means the output is padded +6dB and nothing more.


I personally use the high gain option.

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