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For Sale: **Mad Dog Pro** 2 weeks old

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For Sale:
**Mad Dog Pro** 2 weeks old

Will Ship To: conus

I have developed a sensitivity to closed hp's. As much as I enjoy the signature of the MDP, I just can't use them. This pair was custom made at Mr. Speakers to have dual exit from the cups like the Alpha Dog. Accordingly it has the Alpha Dog cable. It also has the doggie treat kit installed with both the dots and disks. These hp's have not been used for more than 4-5 hours and are like new. Please consider that the dual exit mod was completed at Mr. Speakers and cost $60 extra as well as the more expensive Alpha Dog cable.  


Current price with cable is $450 without the dual exit:


My cost: $340 (hp) $60 (dual exit) $90 (Alpha cable) =$490 


US buyers only. Pics forthcoming. I'll cover shipping and pp. 



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Very beautiful stand, by the way!

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