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ATH M30 vs HD 439

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I have a decision to make. I need your help in deciding.


I did some research. I would go for ATH M30, but its impedance is 65 ohms. My only concern is that it might not work well with my phone or laptop. Amplifier is not in my budget right now.


I mostly listen to music while studying. So I connect it my mobile phone mostly or laptop sometime when I have read about stuff online.


HD 439 impedance is only 32 ohm which will work perfectly with mobile/laptop. But I read somewhere that M30 work fine with mobiles/laptops without the need of amplifier.


Both are available for similar price.HD 439 is about 10% cheaper. 


I am not worried about portability or style. I just need to listen to good music.


Thank you very much.

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On a separate not how much impedance can a laptop handle? Mine is Lenovo B490.

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Wait a little longer till you have enough money to buy something worth listening to. In the end, decent headphones aren't really that expensive (especially second hand ones), don't waste your hearing on bad sound.

Don't be that guy who only starts to listen to good gear when he's old and his ears won't hear the difference anymore.


Also, impedance only tells you half the story. It's the combination of impedance and sensitivity that tells you how hard headphones are to drive. The question whether your laptop can drive any headphones is hard to answer by anyone, because it is highly subjective. All headphones improve with better amping, whether the improvement is worth it to you can only be judged by you.

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Blech, I have an HD439 and even it takes some power to drive, it's not just the impedance. You won't enjoy it that much though, it's a tad harsh and the high frequencies are so dead and too rolled off. I would invest in a Fiio E6 and some other pair of headphones depending on what specifically you're looking for here.

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I had both (ATH M30 vs HD 439) and can tell you that you should really look at the HD 518 or HD 515.  Sennheiser's HD 500 series headphones are much better than the 400 series in terms of comfort and, IMO, sound quality and they should run fine on your laptop. I use my 515s on my iPad and am very happy with them.


Used prices are very close to the HD439/ATH M30.  I just bought another pair of HD 515s on ebay for $40 shipped (yesterday).  I regularly see HD 515s and HD 518s go for $40 - $60 on ebay.  Check them out.

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 @Aizura My budget is under Rs. 5000  or $80 


I have done some research and ATH M30 seems the best option to me. do you have any suggestions?


@Boochie HD 500s are out of my budget.


@metal571 any suggestions?


Thank you all for taking out time and helping me.

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Take a look at the ATH M40x. I have a M30 and a M40x. The M40x is not much more expensive than the M30. The M30 is a decent phone for the money, but the M40x is a much better phone sonically. I have a thread about the M40x if you want more information. 

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Sure I will take a look.Thanks for the suggestion.

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Used HD600.

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Forgot to tell. Ordered ATH M35. Yet to receive it. Thanks for the suggestions.

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