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Recommendations under $300

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Hi everyone. I'm new, so sorry for starting a thread that's no doubt been posted a million times. Also sorry if it's in the wrong place.

I'm after some new in ear headphones for under AU$300. My hifi shop suggested the B&W C5s, but I don't know enough about the other brands in the price point, so I want to look into some alternatives. Particularly as they are unlikely to recommend brands they don't stock.

I'll be using the headphones with an ipod classic, with a FIFO E07K portable amp/dac. I listen to everything from EDM to hip hop, punk, metal, pop, rock, jazz and blues. Also, my ears are a bit sensitive to high frequencies, so nothing overly strong in the high bands please.

Very grateful for any thoughts or suggestions.
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STOP! Post your questions, "Help!", "Recommendations", "Looking for..." threads in the Help & Recommendations Forum not here.

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Marcus from is recommending the Audiofly AF120 highly. Their website is very useful, lots of good info and recommendations and it's all in simple terms, on here you're likely to get a lot more info than you need. Their prices can be high so if you wanted something from Asia you can often get a lower price on Rakuten global etc. But the Audiofly is made locally so their price is good. They have a forum and if you post what you're after in there they'll point you in the right direction.


I've just bought some AT-IM02s and love them, they are not overly bright, but depending on what your used to you might be better with something a bit warmer. The IM70 is getting good reviews too and might be more what you're looking for and much cheaper.

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