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For Sale: FS: HiFi Man HE-400

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For Sale:
FS: HiFi Man HE-400

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I would like to sell my HiFi Man HE-400 headphones.  They are in *mint* condition (any blemishes you see in the pictures are dust/light/etc.); both the pretty blue outsides and, more importantly, the ear pads and speaker assemblies are in perfect, like new condition.  I bought them new from an Amazon seller only about 5 months ago (see shipping order in the pictures) and, while they have been used, they have been used sparingly (in favor of my STAX SR-009s).


Like an idiot, I managed to misplace the packaging and bag for these, and the price asked reflects this.  Also, they will be professionally boxed (my expense) to be mailed to you (at yours).  These are great sounding headphones, but I just don't have a use for them right now and am looking to downsize and fund other projects.  I don't have much feedback on Head-Fi yet (though my one sale was very positive--in both directions), but I also sell on Agone under the name "phatboy" and you can check my feedback there as well, so please buy with confidence. 



While not the 009's equal, at a fraction of the cost, they are a great sounding, easy to drive set of cans that were a bargain at their original retail price of $400, are an even bigger bargain at their new price of $300, and are just a crazy-good price/performance proposition at my asking price of $200.00.


Thanks for looking and happy listening!  

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Wow.. What a deal!
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Sorry, no trades.  I'm looking to downsize.  Thanks for looking.

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