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Need advice for a headphones purchase

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I joined this forum for the purpose of asking this question.  We'll start with a little history:


I use headphones with my iPad and iPhone. I listen to music and watch movies.   I HATE in the ear headphones.  I really liked the first pair that I used with the devices but I lost it.  This is what I was using:




I bought one of those models with Skype in mind, since it has the built in microphone—The mic was very sensitive and very well placed and adjustable. 


I got the next pair as a gift:




The sound is good and like the noise cancellation feature but it lacks the mic. 


As I am composing this, I see that Bose combined the models:





It looks awesome, but for $399.95 I'd like to perform some research which I why I am here :)


I have a good ear and can tell what sounds better, but I don't have a lot of experience with headphones.  In my circles, Bose is known as the best.  Do you folks confer or are their other brands that you prefer.  These are my requirements:


Full sized around the ear (adjustable for a perfect fit would be nice!) with a comfortable fit.


Built in (I like the Bose adjustable by sliding down the wire technique) microphone.


Great sound!



I don't care about a lot of bass.


Bluetooth would be cool but the company would have to stick a wire somewhere to hang the mic.


Based on my needs, should I purchase the Bose model or are their similar headphones with these features that are cheaper, or are there better models?



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From what you said, I can understand why you love Bose. But have you tried the other headphones from other brands?


The UE9000 by Logitech is a pretty good Bluetooth/Noise Cancelling headphone. The sound quality is pretty good. It's over-the-ears and has a detachable cable with a mic.

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you should check this thread out.



The best ones to get is the nad viso hp50, focal spirit classic, or focal spirit pro.

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