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For Sale: Grado SR225 **for parts/repair**

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For Sale:
Grado SR225 **for parts/repair**

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my old pair of Grado SR225s. I always had problems with the stock cabling twirling up and eventually the cable shorted and so I'm not getting any sound out of them. I've had these in a drawer for a few years now and am looking to just part with them. Unfortunately, I'm missing a couple of things here and I'll note them below. No original box or manuals are included.

Missing components:

a) 1 surrounding foam piece

b) "left" side bolting piece (not sure how to describe this)


Since I'm missing a few pieces and these need to be racabled or possibly more work, I'm selling **as-is*.

$75 including shipping in the USA.

Please PM for rates to other locations.

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If it helps... it looks like you're missing a rod tip and need new L Cush pads.  The rods thread into the plastic gimbals and the headband slides into the notch of the rod block.


So a re-cable and new pads and rod tip from Grado and you should be all set :)

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