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For Sale: Mad Dog Pro - $355 US..hd650sold

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For Sale:
Mad Dog Pro - $355 US..hd650sold

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Mad Dog PRO $355 shipped + 3%paypal fees pad has a stretch mark from swapping and minor scratch on one cup. They are in otherwise great condition and only here for a few weeks. 

MD Pro PICS (Click to show)
















SENNHEISER HD650 310 shipped+paypal fees these are in mint condition, they dont have the outer box but do include the case that has a crack on the corner which is how I received it from USPS poor handling or the person not packing it right. I will pack them right! I am selling because it will be way too long from now until my bottlehead crack and speedball is finished and I would rather sell these both and buy an AD gloss black, or fostex th600 dont know yet. Then repurchase these.


I was going to sell my ZMF but I am not sure about that anymore. Also be on the look out for a philips l2 280usd shipped. I just want to open it and hear it reall quick but it is brand new and will be here wednsday. I will edit this if I end up liking them so much they make me want to let go of my ZMF, but I doubt it. You can pm me if you would like me to hold it for you when it arrives. I have just been dying to hear it.

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400 plus ppl flat for outside us n canada!!!
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