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 Yeah I was responding to this comment quoted below, in my K240s-55 recommendation.  He wants a smooth presentation, clear highs but not edgy or harsh.  good bass presence and impact without being overbearing.  I have always found this to be a hallmark of the 55 ohm K240.


That definitely does sound like the K240 you describe. I have the K240 mkII and i find them to be very nice headphones, very durable and the removable cord is a very nice option.

I am actually trying to find a headphone that is closed back and sounds like the K240 mkII.


While the K240 have very smooth and slightly warm signature and nice punchy bass, i think coming from CAL's the bass could be a bit too light for him.

But they realy are worth the check if you can try them. They do need an Amp and they do need to be burned.

Actualy i think the Shure SRH 840 could be an option also. They should have more bass response and have slightly warm signature? The only complaint about the SRH 840 seems to be that they are fairly heavy headphone.


The Akg K240 Studio and the Akg K240 mkII are basically the same headphone with different color and the mkII includes in the package 2 cables (coiled and straight), and 2 ear pads (pleather and velour.) There is also a consumer version the Akg K242 that sounds the same and comes with the velour pads, but does not have the removable cable like the Studio and mkII has. 

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Hmmm so ok. Akg 240 and 240mk2 and 240 mk2 studio are what I want to check out. They do sound great. 242 is out because velour pads and no removable cord

and that shure 840 looks great too but .. maybe it was other headphone but some people say it lacks bass if anything
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Actualy Shure SRH 840 has more bass compared to the Akg K240 models. But with everything, you cant be sure until you try it yourself.
According to the reviews, its likely the Audio Technica M50 sound slightly brighter compared to the SRH 840.

 As for the signature, like I've said. rather fun, warm, bassy sound is what I am looking for. but not overdone. I am listening to all kinds of music so it would be  nice to have clear highs.

This is why Kramer and i recommended the Akg K240s and K240mkII.


Fun can mean anything really but usually they talk about V shaped sound signature when they talk about "fun" headphone.

V shaped sound signature headphones are Philips Citiscape Uptown and the Audio Technica M50.

But i dont think they are very warm in over all sound presentation. They are bassy sure, but not realy warm.


The Akg K240s & mkII are much warmer sounding headphone because they have slightly rolled of treble.

However i dont think they are bass heavy, they have nice punchy bass that does not intrude into the other frequency's.

Shure SRH 840 has fairly similar sound signature according to reviews, but Shure SRH 840 should have more bass compared to the Akg K240 models.


The CAL's are another beast all together according to reviews, its fairly bassy headphone with over all warm tone to the sound.

Mostly because it has rolled off treble. I dont think there are many headphones with that sound signature.


When compared the Philips Citiscape Uptown with Akg K240, i think the Uptown has more bass, mostly sub bass.

But then again Akg K240 mkII has slightly warmer sound signature. 

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