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100$ range, warm/bassy COMFORTABLE headphone

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Hi guys. I have xonar dg and cal! and even tho I like how my cal! sounds, it could be a little more fun and foremost I need something more comfortable. Cal! is just small and headband hurts my head. Now I am not sure what I want but I am not aiming at the sun. Just want something below or around 100$ available in europe(poland). can be headset or headphone, no matter, I would detach mic anyway.

As for the signature, like I've said. rather fun, warm, bassy sound is what I am looking for. but not overdone. I am listening to all kinds of music so it would be  nice to have clear highs.


Now as for build quality, Can be open or closed. Can be over ear or on ear as long as its very soft, leather/y padding.


My friend recommended me sony mdr-xb600 and he said it's both comfortable and great sounding but idk.. cable looks bad.

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AKG K240s in 55 ohms.  I have always fond to be "fun", balanced sounding, and detail revealing enough for its price range.  Very comfy too, although the pleather earpads do get a little sweaty.

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This is interesting.. if I could find one here. There seem to be mkii version too. what gives ?

I would go for those but its difficult to find them where I live it seems and online prices are kinda uppriced for some reason


my xonar dg would drive them no problem so that would be covered

edit: found them online but overpriced and on shaddy websites so nope

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UE 6000. They are an over ear, active noise cancelling headphone. They also have a detachable cable, and a nice carrying case. Should have the sound you are looking for as well. 

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seen innerfidelity review. Those are perfect. ofc again - Logitech is not selling them in this part of europe at all so those are not available. I could get them from amazon but that;s a bit too troublesome... unless someone knows where to buy those in Poland


edit:actually found one online shop which sells them here but only white version and for almost 200$... WTF. Poland is usually not bad or different about availability of products compared to rest of europe but some companies just refuse to sell some specific products on market here.


I would buy xb700 or ue6000 without thinking twice but sony discontinued those at all... I am having a bad luck or what ? :confused: 

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Ok so I was in a media markt today and did some listening and overwiew. They didnt had everything and i was just connecting it to my galaxy note2.

so... i am sad to admit that there was nothing in my price range of about 100... maybe 120usd. But i will give my opinions and maybe we can think of something. Most headphones were badly torn or damaged and it was very loud so its not like my testing makes sense

philips uptown. Fantastic comfort and build quality. Great price too... but terrible not removable cable... wtf philips...

sony xb600. Great price. Cushions were badly damaged so i dont know if it would damage like that in normal home use. Loudest, warmest. Very bassy which i kinda like. Memory foam was nice but overal build was plasticy and flimsy but again. It was trashed...

Mdr 1r was my fav. Way over budget but the memory fom cushions and headband were a dream. Build quality was nice but plastic and it sounded great... big plus is a detachable cable. Impressed but that plastic.

mdr m1 same as above. Too small tho.

akg 550. Woooow. The build quality on those was amazing. Metal, sturdy. It played very cold tho and no detachable cable.

there was also creative evo but packaged i a box. Deyachable cors and what it seemed memory foam.

so... idk what to think. If mdr1r was cheaper it would be a no brainer.

and all senn headphones were awful... not comfortable to big itchy and hard cushions... just terrible
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AKG K545, the little brother of the K550, are supposed to be warmer in SQ.
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Same price tho but looks interesting. 550 pads were very comfortable but i dont think they were creating a seal
how about if I will raise my budget? Lets say 200usd. I can save up for 2 months I guess.
then what would be my choices for rather warm, cery comortable, great build quality headphones? For all uses and removble jack is a must because i am a cable breaker.

sony mdr 1r is still the strongest at that price point ? If I could find headphone like mdr 1r but with full metal build quality like akg... and at a good price
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You might look into the Donscorpio Dolphins and see if they will ship to Poland. Some of the Head-Fiers in the Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread have been enjoying them very much.
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Those look great but whats the catch for 100usd ?
The headband looks so so comfortable bu rest look nice. Is that memory foam?
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What do you mean, "what's the catch?" It's an a little known Chinese brand that you have to order from Hong Kong. But there's lots of good Chinese audio equipment that Head-Fiers get direct from China to get good values. It's just not commonly known. To learn more, you should ask questions in that thread.

In fact, if someone lives in a country that it's hard to get audio equipment at good prices locally, I would DEFINITELY encourage one to look into the Chinese brands discussed here on Head-Fi because you might can find good ebay vendors to order from. Not so many headphones available, but lots of good IEMS, DACs, headphone amps, and DAPs. smily_headphones1.gif
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Thats a good advice but first and foremost i want to buy locally to have easy access to warranty and not worry and pay for shipping. For me spending 200 for a headphones is a lot and i want to be careful
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What about the Audio Technica M50 and the M50x model with the removable cord? Those have fun and slightly bass heavy sound signature. But not sure if the over all sound signature is warm.

Somebody who is more familiar could give you a better description of them. 

Philips Citiscape Uptown has fun bassy sound signature, the Downtown is slightly warmer sounding but has less bass. But like you say'd the cord is horrible.


I dont think the Akg K240 is good option for you, even if it has slightly warm sound to it (because of the rolled of treble). i think its not bass heavy in any way.


To be hones, i think its hard to beat those Cal's in that price range. There are not that many headphones with better sound quality and not ones that has removable cord.

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Yeah I was responding to this comment quoted below, in my K240s-55 recommendation.  He wants a smooth presentation, clear highs but not edgy or harsh.  good bass presence and impact without being overbearing.  I have always found this to be a hallmark of the 55 ohm K240.


"As for the signature, like I've said. rather fun, warm, bassy sound is what I am looking for. but not overdone. I am listening to all kinds of music so it would be  nice to have clear highs."

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You are both correct in some way ;)

@Kramer - I love how akg are built and what cushions they use (when not using terrible velour which I dislike). Can You tell me which of the ~200$ or below models have removable cable, because 550 did not had it

Yeah. I always knew that upgrading from CAL! would be a tough one. M50X is prolly a great headphone and it is available here but only online and at over 200$ price which is incredibly weird to me(some pricing in Poland/europe is terrible for those popular brands like hifiman, ath and more). Creative and gaming brands are rather cheaply priced.

Actually Couple of Years ago I've owned fatality MKII.... BEST EARPADS I've ever used. memory foam, fantastic seal, great vibration with bass.... but the sound was muddy overall, headband hurted my head and l/r was not balanced for some weird reason. That made me think that gaming headphones are actually a great value and some searching in that area also have to be done


I guess I will hold on with upgrading, save some more money and then maybe invest into something like that m50x, one of sony(mdr-1r) or philips flagships. Some akg might also be a good choice especially for build quality. I never liked sennheisers apart from their iems, so that makes the list easier.


Ultimately Philips uptown + recabling seems like IDEAL headphone. But I lack a technical skills to embed jack into uptown's earbud. Actually top of Fidelio line is exactly that. Uptowns and removable jack.

I am not looking for ultimate sound. Just something that sound like cal and is extremely comfortable like uptowns and versitale like mdr-1r with its removable cable.


For now, I am out to make a headphone stand and maybe search for some CAL! mods. Actually It is a great headphone for modding it seems



Thanks for help and opinions. Not sure what I will do next. Think I might do some reading on uptowns recabling (edit: nvm.. they have to be broken to open them and its a chore to work with them so uptowns are OUT) so CAL! it is 

edit2: Also, my gf is washing my head for spending way to much money on my hobby recently so that does not make thing easier :P

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