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Choosing in-ears

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Hello everyone!


I'd been using Sennheiser CX300-II for a year, yes, I know these are absolutely not ok for audiophiles, but for me their sound was like a revelation at first, though I started to notice several shortcomings later. So now I want to choose new ones and I don't know whether I should buy the same Sennheiser or move on and try something new.

I've made my research and I've found some models:

  • Sol Republic JAX 
  • MEElectronics EDM Universe D1P 
  • Cresyn C510E 
  • Sennheiser CX300-II
  • Creative HITZ MA350
  • SoundMagic E10
  • Ei8htball EX811

These aren't hi-end ones too though

I'm going to use the earbuds with HTC One M8, I guess you know about its audio potential

I listen to different genres, but mostly it's rock. I don't need neither superior detalization for classical music nor extra-bass that blows your head off.

Something universal 


I'd like get it straight about these models. I know about things like Brainwavz, beyerdynamic, AKG and so on, but I'm not considering them now because I want my earbuds to look stylish and sound good at the same time. I have doubts about Skullcandy - I don't want to listen to anything worse than Sennheiser CX300-II.

If you don't approve any of my choices, I'd be thankful for another recommendation with asymmetrical cord between 25$ and 50$.



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You sound very specific about your taste which I can appreciate.  I would like to know the run down on these models as well.  Personally I have used the Soundmagic E10 and the Sennheiser CX300-II.  I was very impressed with both models and found that the quality of the Soundmagic was superior to the Sennheiser and also cheaper.  Amazon has them for less than £30.  Great bass and overall sound quality in both.  Soundmagic has lots of ear buds with the product which was also a nice perk.


I've been strongly considering the ei8htball EX811 since I have lost my Soundmagic E10.  If I don't choose them again I will go with the ei8htball EX811.  Your first three choices see to be lower on a scale of ratings and I would avoid them.  Please let us know what you go with.

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