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Listening Senn Momentum, AKG K550D, and PSB M4U2

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I had a chance to stop by Best Buy yesterday to listen to phones I am considering as over the ear phones. I currently own the Beyerdynamic DT-1350 and love them. I use them at the gym to run and work out on weights. At BBY, I was most interested in hearing the V-Moda M100, but they do not have them anywhere in the state (Colorado).


My impressions were mixed:


I did not like the sound of the AKGs at all. Any music I played sounded better on the Momentums and the PSBs. I know this is a subjective thing. The range of music was: pop, classical, jazz, and rock - some bass heavy and some not. I found the AKGs lacking in depth and clarity.


I found the PSBs and the Momentums close even though there were distinct differences in their sound signatures. The PSBs performed better in the mids and highs, and the Momentums in the bass area. I turned off the noise reduction in the PSBs and that made a difference especially in the treble and airiness. With the noise reduction on, the highs were better defined and the sound stage was wider; however, I turned it off because if I bought them, it would be the pair without the noise reduction - $100 difference in price.


Listening to a song from Tony Bennett revealed some interesting thoughts: his voice was more forward in the Momentums than the PSBs; the bass was heavier with the Momentums and sometimes, masked with his voice; whereas, the PSBs bass wasn't as prominent. I think I slightly preferred the Momentums here.


My biggest problem with the Momentums was that they did not cover my ear completely and seemed to be more on ear than over the ear. So, I am still undecided between: the Momentums, PSBs, Nad, and V-Moda. I would like to hear the V-Modas and the Nad before I decide for sure.



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The NADs sounds great and should give you more room for your ears than the Momentums.

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Thanks. I do not know of where I can hear them. It is hard to spend that type of money without trying them first.

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