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£195 (GBP) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
Sony mdr-ex1000 in ear headphones

Will Ship To: Uk

Hi i have for sale my sony mdr-ex1000, these are in excellent condition used, they have no original box and there is a few of the original eartips missing, i have the original leather case in great condition aswell as both long and short cable, they have been rarely used simply because its a hobby i have had to spend much less time in since having kids and working unusual hours, they are in excellent working order and probably have no more than 30 hours use in total. Besides having no original box and a few eartips missing theres one very small fault i want to point out, the longer of the two cables has a very small nick in it, its very small indeed undetectable by eye and only felt when running fingers down the cable, does not effect the use or quality in any way but is the reason for lower price than these would usually see.

I will consider reasonable offers or straight swapping for shure se535 in excellent condition, uk only for shipping please as im uncomfortable with trading over seas. Here is my amazon listing to make purchasing easier for all, as you can see its the cheapest option. The cable really isnt nothing like you would perhaps imagine im confident if i didnt mention it the buyer would be happily unaware however i want to keep it completely honest. Thanks