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Intro and assistance

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Hi All,


I'm Josh, I don't have much kit nor is it worth many beans, but i do love it and enjoy listening to music pretty much all the time.

kit consists of:

home - Maverick Audio tubemagic D1 DAC + JBL LSR 2300 monitors + Alessandro Grado MS1 cans and Audio Technica AD700s.

outside - Sansa Clip + GoVibe DAC + (RIP) VSonic VC02's and Klipsch S4's + some old school TDK's which are half dead.


So i need some assistance if you read the above you would have noted that the VC02's are now RIP.... sad day, i was running for the train from work and well... they must have dropped out of my pocket, still in their pouch went to retrieve them but for the life of me couldn't find them - devastated...


now i'm in a pickle, i need to replace them.... budget is still sitting at the $50ish level, i really liked the VC02's besides the detachable cable was annoying but that was a minor issue to a great IEM. so i need a suggestion on replacement, i love the bright sounds of my Alessandro Grados and i'm not too much of a fan of my AD700's they are a little boring for me and i really don't like the S4's...


Possible options:

buy another set of VC02's - i know i like them.

some Astrotec AM-800 < like the look like the reviews etc


something different? what do you guys recommend. bump the budget to reach some hifiman RE-400's or something?


music i listen to:


hardcore (old school style - sick of it all)



drum and bass < rarely


fav bands - Tool, Lamb of God, Strung Out, No Use for a Name, Terror, 16bit... list goes on. but it's quite diverse i guess.


thanks in advance for the help and listening to my rant :)



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You might want to start here:


and here:

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Thanks i've read the 313 reviewed IEM's already, just makes it harder trying to narrow it down, thought someone might have really world experience with using the IEM's i was looking at.

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went for some RE-400's 30day return so will get them burnt in nice and quick and see what i think. after all the reading i should not be disappointed, just a bit unsure of what to expect within the package, some reviews say you get bugger all but the pics on HiFiMan website show couple of foam tips and a carrying case etc.


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I've never tried HiFiMan's IEMs (I have their HE-400 headphones). Seems like those are great IEMs from everything I have read smily_headphones1.gif
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yeah i'm hoping so, i was thinking about them and then came across the info that they now include couple of sets of foam tips and a carry case etc so sounds like even better value. will report back once i receive and burn in.

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