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Hi to every one, i'm new !


I have a sennheiser HD 380 Pro, and i'm really satisfied, I'm listening mostly to electronic/ambient classical and rock from my ipod classic and computer. The files are Mostly Apple looseless ripped from CD's


I was thinking about an upgrade: fiio e07k (90€), when i saw a fiio x3 used for 150 €. Is the 60€ difference worth the difference in SQ between X3 and ipod classic + FiiO e07?!


I know that these 2 devices are 2 different things, but i'm interested only in sound quality


I must say that i'm new from this world, and since i have my sennheiser I redescoverd my whole music library. I'm curious to know if it could happen again with a source upgrade!!


Sorry for my basic english =)