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So I've tried to do my research on this, and so far I have not been able to find many good recommendations. I want to use headphones because the stock speakers are crap on the XL, can barely hear anything. There really doesn't appear to be too much information on this on the internet, and I tried to search here, but was not able to find much.


For fun, I tried the headphones I have for my PC audio and they sounded worse than the actual speakers. This was expected, as I doubt the 3DS can power much of anything. I have the Fidelio X1 and Samson SR-850. Both of them sound absolutely terrible. I even made sure the sound was set to Stereo instead of Surround. Again, this is expected.


Anyone have experience on what works well with the 3DS? I am trying to choose between going with portable headphones that fold ( ie. Portapros ) or going with something more for a smartphone with a mic, like the Kliphsch S4A II, so I can use it with my phone too. Full size would not be a good option.