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Superlux HD668B or Samson SR850

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I cannot decide between the two, one of which i think will be my next headphones, am looking for something clear, but displays bass pretty well, not overbearing, anybody that has listened noticed any major difference between the two?

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I general I like the SR850s better then the H668B, but it's just a personal preference, for the looks, then a difference in sound.

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Ah cool, thanks home slice, but whats different in sound, well the biggest difference, and how big of a difference is it?

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I have the 668Band it sounds clear. It is comparable to my K701 only less refined and a little bit brighter (K701 is already bright sounding). Also comfort is not so good. But you can always replace the pads with K240 velours! Haven't heard the SR850 though..

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sr850 is supposed to be bassier, they should be pretty much the same headphone aside from that. I have the SR850, I like them aside from the thin pads.

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I have the Samson 850 and need a new pair I was considering the same thing. I probably just go with the 850. I need to get some velours for them. Anyone know where I can buy them for any less than 50?
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I've got the Superlux 681 evo, pretty good set of headphones, probably one of the best all around value-to-price headphones I've had. Basically cant go wrong with the superlux

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Just gotta post here saying I use the senns hd 650's and have done an A-B comparison and while the senns win out rightly in terms of overall presentation, these come worryingly close....like 90% of the performance of something that costs hundreds more. IM listening to the 668b's now using a Just Audio AHA 120 portable class A amp and its just amazing! And like the HD650's these improve markedly with better sources, amps etc!

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They're very similar.

The Samson SR850 is essentially a Superlux HD681B, rebranded.


Some people assumed they're identical to the HD668B (cup design shared some more similarities than with HD681 line). However they are not.

Driver magnets and impedance are different, 32 ohm for the SR's and 56ohm for the HD668B.

The Samsons, like the HD681's, are a bit louder compared to HD668B for the same volume settings.


HD668B scale up a bit better with amplification, while the 681 and SR headphones don't improve as much.


Sound signature wise, I find the Samsons a bit drier and slightly more edgy.

HD668B is a bit warmer in the midbass and treble is slightly different.

Both require EQ for the treble. HD668B is more timbre accurate and natural after EQ than both SR and HD681, especially on acoustic instruments.

The HD668B don't do well with EQ when adding bass. They lose some definition and sound a bit too boomy.

HD681 and Samson does better and can be transformed more readily into a fun sounding headphone, than HD668B. For modern music I'd give a clear edge to the former.


With velour pads I find the SR a touch more comfy, because of the pleather headband, instead of wings. But HD668B improve more with velours in sound, than SR's do (they sound even drier with velours vs. pleather).


Overall the differences are subtle and essentially taste dependent.

If you're a jazz&classical fan, the HD668B will have a slight edge. If you're more into modern music, the SR might be a better fit.

Both require EQ or some form of modding to sound right and both desperately need velours for long term comfort.

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Here you have frequency charts of the two headphones.





As you can see in the frequency charts de sr850 will have a bit more bass under 60hz.

Also you can see that the midrange of the sr850 is a bit recessed compared to the 668B. (200 to 2000hz) And the sr850 has also spike at 10khz.

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