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Replace Broken HD595

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HD595's broke and they're well past they're warranty so I have an excuse to get some nice new lids. I'm set on getting over ear headphones. Can be either open or closed. I would prefer a flat response, but can be flexible. I'll be playing through a headphone amp, but I guess being able to play an ipod without a preamp would be a nice to have (but completely secondary to the experience through the HA). I have a soft limit of about $350, but will go to $700-800 if you can sell me on it. Any suggestions? I've been checking out the beyerdynamic DT 880, Grado Reference Series (1 and 2), and Ultrasone Pro 900. Thoughts? I wanted to check out some audeze, but they are way out of my price range.


edit: also checked out the AKG K550 and Phillips Fidelio X1

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Same cans I got dude!  Mine aren't broken but I've never been happy with them really.


If you got that kinda budget, then I'd have to try the HD600/650's.  Just saw some 650's on Amazon yesterday for $423.


As for me, I think I'm going to try something less expensive like maybe some AudioT's or Hifiman's.

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Those HD650s look awesome. Even better is the 2 year warranty (Grado only does 1 year, but I emailed them and they mentioned they would still service if it was only a few months past the year). I think the only thing holding me back is my last set were also Sennheiser and I kind of want to try something new.

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hifiman he500.

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Wow I checked out those HE500's and they sound like they could be it. I think I'm settling between the HE500's and Grado RS1i's. I can also get some Ultrasone Pro 900's for about $300, but I kind of want to splurge on the other two. Any thoughts?

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ultrasones are the mother of all v-shaped sound signatures. Big bloated bass + piercing treble.


If you liked the balanced sig of the senns, definitely do not get the grados. The amount of music that they have synergy with isn't that great. Grados tend to be bright. they're all upper mids + mid/upper bass with no extension.


This is just me, but i stay away from unbalanced signatures since i listen to a wide variety of music.


The he500 meanwhile, is one of the best headphones you can get for the money. It's pretty much an upgraded hd600, which has been one of the best headphones around for a very long time.


This thread has the rs1, he500, and the dt880 in it. The further down the headphone is, the more the reviewer prefers it. Of course it's all in his opinion, but with the amount of headphones he has listened to, i'd trust what he has to say about them.

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