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Guide for buying a headphone

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hey guys

i live in a dorm so there are ppl here who always talk and doesn't allow me to do my homework

so i decided to buy a headphone

it's very important that the headphone has Noise-Canceling ( Really Really Important ! )

and also the max budjet is about 120 $ or 130 $

any suggestion ?

thanks a lot

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I think that an IEM would work great for that. They usually have better isolation than any NC Portable headphone IMO


EDIT : Woops, thought that I was on the Portable Headphone sub-forum, but whatever.

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I also agree with the IEM suggestion.


I love Shure IEM's, and would certainly recommend the SE215 to you.

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The HD280 Pro might actually be of interest to you, but whether you'd be able to deal with a closed-back with some higher pressure headband than you might be used to is up to you to find out. They're one of the better closed-back and isolating offerings under that price range. I like mine quite a bit, and they do loosen over time. They are passive noise cancelling, not active.

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UE6000's for sure. They sound great and have active noise cancelling when you need it. They are under $100, have a detachable cable, fold up real nice, and even come with a decent carrying case. Comfortable over ear design, and I believe they have a remote for skipping song and changing the volume. For something with (active) noise cancellation, you won't find anything better in the $100 price bracket. 

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