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Hello, this is my first post, I've been wandering around for a while and now I've decided to register since I can't find "my" pair..


Due my experience with semi-cheap headphones I've decided to spend a little more and try to get something more decent.. 


I'm looking for a pair considering:

- Portability is a must, so they must be on ear and foldable

- Detachable cable is also an important factor since my last two pair got their jack broken and I'm not a really good solder.. 

- Sound quality (at least the most bang for buck)

- Android compatibility

- Preferred to be closed back since are intended to be used in the street


I've been thinking about:


- akg K452, but their "detachable cable" is kind of useless because is 3,5 to 2,5 and I can't find replacements with remote on amazon/ebay/whatever


- skullcandy navigators, but I could not find any review of them, so I don't expect them to be so good... (also again 3,5 jack to 2,5)


- SOL republic , but might be too bulky and are non foldable... (this time propietary cable)


- meelectronics atlas, I'm not 100% on their design, I haven't heard anything "too" good about them and might be too bulky..


Any opinions?

I think the akg are the winning ones right now..


I listen mostly rock and metal.


My budget is arround 100€ and I live in spain, I can't find anything else that fits my needs and is not over my budget...

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