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I have had the PM-1 come and go from the loaner program. My impressions are they sounded better than my comparable headerphones the SRH1840 and grado SR80, which comes as no surprise. My source was a MacBook pro ( J River) to Schiit modi to FIIO Alpen.
I will admit I did not notice a difference when changing out the pads. The sound was very enjoyable. I did find that the head band still pressed down on my head similar to the Shures. This for me means I could not enjoy them for more than about half an hour.

I found the experience very positive

I am waiting for the PM-3s to come out, as interestingly they were comfortable and being closed will suit my listening environment. I heard them at TAVES.
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I prefer the original leather pads by far. The other two are far inferior and to while it might alter the FR I find a horrible degradation in fidelity. I will say that the presentation of the other two with felt, seemingly made it more of a closed can which can imo be more of a cohesive sound for some genres and lesser quality recorded material but the openness is needed for these headphones to do it magic with quality recordings, especially live. Mmmmmmm. If I had a dollar for every time someone wrote about how their new hifi headphones made it seem like the musicians were giving them their own personal concert I'd be rich. So I tried to refrain from saying that but it's impossible not to when mentioning these headphones. These remind me of a great pair of speakers. I really wish oppo made a dynamic headphone. Theyre on the right track.

I have come to prefer the alternative lambskin earpads.  More treble presence, and better instrumental "bloom" IMHO.  But I should re-try the original lambskins and do an a/b.

Just swapped in a VenHaus cord (VH Flavor 2) to power the Lehmann BCL (this amp sounds great with the PM-1).  Huge improvement over the IeGo and/or MAC PC that was there before.  WAY better bass, dynamic relief and dimensionality with the PM-1 and the Flavor 2.  

Just ordered the Aural Thrills Active IC w/Teflon Silver plug upgrade.  Can't wait to hear what happens next!

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I switched to the new lambskin pads too. I find the bass is very clear and there is more bloom without shout. The PM1 is great for digital, because the shout-factor of digital is addressed nicely and often ameliorated by the PM1, while it is annoying on other phones.

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