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Originally Posted by Duckman View Post

Arnaud, did you use the HA-1's USB input? I felt the same re the HF sizzle, but after switching in a Sonicweld Diverter, the sizzle disappeared. I think a good good usb-spdif converter is 'needed'.
Yes we did use USB input. Don't have one of those unfortunately but the Invicta was also using USB input.
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Originally Posted by jh7000 View Post

Originally Posted by olegausany View Post

+1 on all of this and also LCD-2 has better treble than PM-1

I wonder if I had a "bad" copy of the LCD2-2... the treble on it dropped of very quick... it was darker than my PM-1.  I have read about a lot of variations on the Audeze cans... even the LCD-3 had less treble energy than the PM-1 to my ears...


Either way, I could never go back to the Audeze cans...no competition to the PM-1 when it comes to comfort (Which is a big deal for me)

Absolutely agree about about comfort and design
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Originally Posted by arnaud View Post

I I started to get annoyed with hearing more of the same with the PM-1, in particular the bass always sounded the same and I missed the texture of all the instruments. I pay a lot of attention to cymbal shimmer for instance, layering and transparency. The PM-1 did not fair too well there I have to say.

Exactly why i don't like PM-1
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Originally Posted by pfillion View Post

New review : http://www.whathifi.com/review/pm-1



Curious: there's a UK-pound sign in front of the "1100" there.

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Originally Posted by ssrock64 View Post

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a dissenting opinion. It's definitely not as resolving as an HD800 or a PS1000, but in my impressions I would have placed it above the AD in terms of detail retrieval. Though the AD is more "crisp" and quick, I still found the PM-1 competitive when it came to resolution, if not speed of decay. What made you like the AD more?
Actually a I do not like the AlphaDogs.
To flat an lean and only impressive on the best setups.

The PM1 on the other hand was superior by being livelier out of portable solutions.
To me the PM-1 is a half way to being a perfect portable solution,
as the cups are not affected by covering by hands and the sensitivity is good.

This leads me to believe oppo could actually have made a closed version if they wanted.
But at this price point and being open can, it not practical for portable use.

The problem I had is strange for me.
On comparison the AD sounded only superior to me at meets which had the most optimal setups.

Then I hear the PM1 at the meet and it was on par sonically and very impressive. .

Then I herd it out of the woo wa7 with tube power supply at the meet and it morphed into a superior can over the AD..

So I buy it.
Then I'm disappointed to not get the same sound I did at the meet, even with same setup frown.gif

Kind of makes me believe that the one I herd was a not the version used for production units.

Anyway I personally do not prefer the AD to the PM-1 because listening 2 latest versions of AD at a friend's house it was just not as lively as at the meets,

And the PM1 signature is more pleasing for a wider range of music to me than the more neutral & technically correct AD...
So regardless of the PM-1 lower level of timbre purity or resolution, in comparison to other "end game" cans.
I believe this can should NOT be compared to any top level cans.
Only the top level price oppo placed on it, dictates we should compare, and that is unfortunate for the PM-1,
Because in the mid tier category it would excell and if they made a sealed version it would be a hit.
I keep feeling this SHOULD have been a closed portable competing in the upper mid tier category. Not in the "end game" home use category..

So really to me it is really a matter of choice and the main difference will be how good your setup is as that will make the difference.

I am speaking from memory which always tends to be optimistic, so take this with a grain of salt.
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I never read a formal review that didn't fault the bottom of the PM-1, then turn around and fault the top for not opening up........  I listen to mostly Classical, those qualities are a death nil!

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I wouldn't use PM-1 for classical
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Originally Posted by olegausany View Post

I wouldn't use PM-1 for classical


+1  The pm-1 is very similar to the hd650 which I also wouldn't use for classical music. 

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just finishing up reading impressions here after spending four days with the PM-1 that were generously given to me on loan for a short time.  these are polarizing cans for sure.      


my day to day cans are the AD2000, but i like to change it up a couple of times a week with the T50RP depending on my mood.  my tastes wander, but i mainly listened to acoustic genres with the PM-1.  maybe most would consider me a loud listener, 70-80dB, but i'm lucky if i get a dozen hours of headphone listening in a given week.  i used a Gungnir USBv2 and rolled a couple of different DIY amps and ICs.   


i don't think i've heard a headphone that sounded so musically coherent before.  i could follow every instrument and note with ease.  lightning quick without smearing of the note envelope.  there was musical phrasing on a microdynamic scale i had not noticed before in my usual reference albums.  subtle details made the music sound more like real humans playing music in real time and less like a facsimile of a recording of a live event.


i thought timbre and tone were excellent.  i think some may find the timbre a little lacking, or a little too smoothed over, but i felt in general timbre sounded very real and natural.  the bass could be a little fruity at times, but perfect on other recordings - never bloated with over-hang though.  the mids were generally perfect but i could use a skosh more upper mids/lower treble bite on some recordings.  


i can see why many would find the treble deficient and lacking air.  this ties in with the more closed in soundstage that people are complaining about.  it was a hang-up for me at first, but over time it melted away to the point that i really didn't feel like i was missing out on much.  not perfect, but i think the lack of air and an inky black background allowed the notes to "pop" and sound more colorful.  i thought instrument separation and imaging were more than acceptable and in time came to appreciate the Oppo's more intimate presentation.  i was only powering unbalanced, but my experience with balanced amplification makes be believe that the sound could open up a little more. 


the PM-1 is very different from any headphone i've heard.  i really, really liked it.  i'm going to wait for the PM-2 dust to settle, but see myself owning either in short time.     

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^^ Please define "fruity bass."  Thanks for the impressions.





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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

^^ Please define "fruity bass."  Thanks for the impressions.






ripe within the note envelope, maybe a little too much tone/coloration.  i'm not a bass head and never found the bass to overblown.

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post


+1  The pm-1 is very similar to the hd650 which I also wouldn't use for classical music. 


I've seen that statement here - people say HD800s are better  for classical.  I lean the other way - to me, the sound of the HD650s, PM1s and LCD2 more closely resembles the sound palette i hear when i am at a concert - which tends to be a bit warmer.   Especially the 650s and the LCD2s.


Each to their own  :)

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I hooked up my dear old Headroom Max amp (year 2000) to my Dragonfly dac on my Windows desktop machine and my PM-1 phones sound amazing and awesome with this humble setup, just with youtube videos.

I think the PM-1 is breaking in, as the top end is coming in, there is layering of images, and the bass is more tuneful, tight, and detailed.

I am really falling for the Oppo.


Thanks for the great amp Tyll; it's a classic.

By the way, check out this Beatles video on youtube:


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I received my pair today.


Does anyone else have a distinct lack of bass with these?  I can barely hear frequencies below ~40 Hz in music with these, if at all.  I can definitely hear test tones down to 20 Hz but it seems like they start to drop off rapidly below 35 or 40 Hz and everything above that seems to lack impact.  It may not help that I listen at low volumes.


On the plus side, both the soundstage and treble extension which have been discussed here at length seem fine to me.  They are also very comfortable.


Unfortunately, I don't have any other full size headphones for comparison.  Most of my headphone listening has been through IEMs, of which I currently have the Shure SE846 (and love,) and the Sennheiser IE800 (which I liked at first but like less every time I hear them, the treble is definitely on the screwy side of normal.)  In the past I've had the Shure SE535 (liked,) Klipsch X10 (passable but not great,) and Etymotic ER4P/S (liked a lot.)


I should probably add:


1.) I'm not really a headphone guy, hence the lack of full sized headphones.  These were for times when I don't want to use my entire home theater system.

2.) My speakers are electrostatic, and I've never really significantly listened to any that weren't, so all these amazing planar magnetic qualities I read about are qualities I already take for granted.

3.) I'm "multi-purpose" so I listen to music, movies, and video games all on the same system.


I'm willing to accept that the problem is the lack of a proper amp, however, others have mentioned that these sound "fine" through low powered sources like an iPod.  Unfortunately the only sources of amplification I have available now are my iPhone and my home theater receiver, neither of which I could tell apart in a blind test.  The receiver is a Pioneer Elite SC-68 which was their flagship model from a few years ago, I should hope it can adequately drive a pair of headphones.


I've had portable amps in the past (Xin SuperMacro and Headstage Arrow 4G) but never heard any improvement with them that justified the additional complexity.


My main objection to an outboard DAC and amp is that all my equipment is connected to my receiver via HDMI and I use it as a switcher for everything.  Not only would I have to run separate cables for audio for half a dozen devices but I'd also have to manually change the source equipment between HDMI and the alternate connection method every time I decide to use the headphones.


As it stands these are probably going to get sent back to Oppo unless the low end doubles or triples in perceived volume.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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