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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post


 If a headphone makes everything sound open and airy, it is distorting or coloring the sound.



The dostortion may be desirable, but it is distortion nonetheless.  Love my Grado's, but they are as far from neutral as I care to go.


The Oppo's are very compelling. But like many others, I'm holding out for the PM-2 impressions.  The thing about Oppo is their entry-level gear is pretty amazing, but without all the extras.

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The PM-2 will come with pleather pads and an OFC cable, instead of leather and velour pads and an OCC cable, cheaper plastic instead of metal.  Even though the driver will be the same, it will be interesting to see if the sound is exactly the same as the PM-1.  That lacquered box had to add some to the cost of the PM-1, just pretty to look at though!

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I'm wondering how is it compared to ATH-W3000ANW?

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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post


I'm sure you'll hate them, bash them, then return them...not necessarily in that order.

Or he could like them and post positive impressions, like many initial critics have. Let's not create a negative assumption to begin with.

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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post


I'm sure you'll hate them, bash them, then return them...not necessarily in that order.


I'm not expecting to love them (though I did 'like' them) based on what I heard from the pre production.  Since a few of you have implied that the production version sounds so drastically different from the pre production version that my impressions are worthless, I find myself wanting to hear the production version now to verify this.  You asked me to get them and I did.  If anybody is showing their bias it's you. 


I'll give these a fair shot and mention both the positives and negatives to them like any decent impressions do.  Funnily enough I did this the first time around (mentioned positives) and now you've convinced yourself I'm a 'hater'. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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As much as this thread got derailed for people seeming to have a personal problem with a headphone they haven't listened to, it's now the complete opposite. It's gone from people being afraid to say anything glowing , to if I heard them and found any flaw whatsoever, I would be afraid to say so.
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Some people are so defensive it's not even funny!

As for me, I'll probably like these since they seem to be a better version of HD650s. But it's going to be a while for me until I can get to audition them.

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Originally Posted by Maxx134 View Post

Actually you are going overboard in that view.

The truth is every impression thread will always have a "general consensus" with it's the overall average view,
Despite the few extremes that you seem to be focused upon.
There will always be that as well.

A general consensus view is easy of Any headphone.

Like the Fostex th600&900 have great bass, and the hd800 has great soundstage, and Alpha dog great neutrality , etc.

So Don't worry about the few extreme views in any thread.
Let those few extreme views, stay standing out, naked lol


You are right, I am indeed exaggerating to make a point.     


But I do think that in high-end audio, where any kind of snake-oil gets peddled under the guise if "well, if you cannot hear it, maybe someone else can", there is indeed a tendency towards group-think.   That whole "everyone hears things differently" allows too much BS to spread unchallenged.   Especially in a forum with a tendency to focus on the positives, such as Head-Fi, where, in some cases the outlier remains an outlier b/c any opinion that differs from groupthink tends to get shouted down.   


 In general, a consensus view does indeed provide a good indication of what the product sounds like that.   But in order for that to be so, a healthy sense of skepticism and people need to be thick-skinned enough to realize that being challenged about their assumptions is a part of healthy discussion, and that everyone benefits if science and subjectivity meet.


In the context of the Oppo PM-1, I for one find the arguments from both sides - pros and cons - to be worth listening to.   We are all able to apply those filters about putting those opinions in context, I think.    In fact, I am really excited about getting the headphones - not just for the sound but so that I can correlate some of the claims made on this thread with my own subjective experiences and see what's what.

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I have received my PM-1s yesterday :biggrin:  (I will post my first comments later..)

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Ok here are my first comments about the PM-1s :


Build quality : Wow just wow !


Comfort : Thank god, I have finally a pair of Planar Magnetic headphones that I can enjoy at home or at the office without feeling the pain in my neck.


Accessories : The wooden box looks great but honestly I don't need it, both cables are very high quality but the shortest one is 8 inches too short.  (That's my only complain so far.)  Oh and I have still not had the time to try the velour pads.


Usability : I can finally use a pair of open headphones at the office without disturbing my colleagues.  (Yes they leak less than the Audeze headphones.)  I also like the fact that I can drive them easily with my DX90.


Sound quality (With my Schitt Vali and around 6 hours of burn-in)  Oh and I have tried these albums so far : Opeth - Ghost Reveries, Steven Wilson - The raven that refused to sing, Alter Bridge - Fortress, Katatonia - Dethroned and uncrowned, Riverside - Shrine of new generation slaves and Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope.


Bass : The bass is maybe not as fun or deep as the LCD-2 so far but it's very tight, textured and articulate.


Mids : WOW, very close to the LCD-3 so far..


Soundstage : Very good so far, a bit larger than the LCD-2 and probably on par with the LCD-X.


High : Wow very smooth and I'm hearing all the details that I can hear with my JH13s.  Oh and by the way, the PM-1s are NOT darker than the LCD-2 Rev.2.



That's it for now, I really think that Oppo have hit a home run with the PM-1s!


Please let me know if you have any questions but please don't ask me to talk about the graphs ;)



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Thanks for the impressions. Still trying to decide whether to grab these or wait for the pm-2. 

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If the PM-2s are as good as the PM-1s, it's going to be a grand slam for Oppo ;)

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Thanks for the early impressions, looks like a winner to me, I am thinking of getting the PM-2 instead, lots of extras with the PM-1 I really don't need.
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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Thanks for the impressions. Still trying to decide whether to grab these or wait for the pm-2. 

All depends what sound you are looking for besides HD650
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