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So regarding the 30th, what do you people say? Can we call this final? Or another date? in that case which?


Also, based on others experience it, it appears that meets like these were already held, and there's a problem with the music players (PCs/DAPs/what have you) so if you're bringing a system, don't forget that you need to put music through it :P


Regarding snacks and drinks, we'll think of something, but I think it shouldn't be a problem since we're not a whole lot people and we're going there to listen, I'll arrange some snacks I'm thinking, but the main question still stands, date?

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I'm cool with the 30th. I think we can save the date.
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If we want to do it on the 30th we should set the date now.

I vote yes for the 30th.

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i vote for the 30th too

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Like I said, 30th is good for me too of course :)


Anyway, I hope that everyone has a source as in, a playback device that can be connected to their system (I'm bringing a laptop with an HDD with my music), so if you have a setup that is a DAC/Amp/Headphones/etc... make sure that you also bring the source ;)

If you don't have anything mobile enough, we'll improvise.


Now, about snacks and drinks, how do you propose we do it?


I'm excited, I hope you're too :)

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Bad date for me, Hope to come next time.. 

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30th is good for me too.

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Good date! And what about time? 7pm?

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For me earliest possible is 7pm.

iBasso DX90 just arrived, so add this to my equipment :)

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can't come ):


but if someone want to take my Lovely cube amp and Q701, im in sussya... (someone even know where it is? XD)


have fun!

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I own DX50. It will be interesting to compare between two.

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Originally Posted by Romanx74 View Post

I own DX50. It will be interesting to compare between two.

Trying to burn it in how much I can, but since the meet is in 2 days it wont be much


someone takes responsibility for taking pictures?

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People, everyone is in Golomb 42, Givatayim tomorrow, around 19:00.


Edit: Ofer sent me an SMS asked if we can do it in 19:00 so, yeah, 19:00 be there, no more delay

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See you there. I will bring my Soloist and LCD-3, and maybe a laptop with some music.

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Unfortunately I won't be available tomorrow after all.
I could do 18:00 and only stay one hour, if that works.
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