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Newbie saying hello

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Hey everyone. First off, thank you for these forums, they have proven to be so helpful to me for the past 2 days. My name is Rich, I am from Chicago, IL, USA, and I am a freelance UNIX/Linux Software Developer mainly for the cloud, embedded systems, and custom appliances. My latest client application is 100% media, and my client is always playing with cool new lighting, video, and audio setups, and he kind of gave me a bit of the bug. I am more of a budget and DIY guy.


With that...I mainly utilize my computer(s) for pretty much everything. Listening to music while hacking all day is a must, and I am probably wearing headphones for 12 hours a day (that is not exaggerated). For years I used a set of Sennheiser HD 520 II headphones from either the late 80s or early 90s. My dad is an engineer on broadcast systems, and for years he was into writing and creating country music, so he had a home studio for a long time. That's where I stole, I mean borrowed the Sennheisers from. As you can imagine, they were not loud especially from a laptop, so over time I tried different headphones. I did the child thing and got some Beats, which were fine for hip-hop & dubstep, but I am more of a country and classic rock kind of guy, that will listen to just about everything from time-to-time. I think picked up a set of Philips Citiscape on-ear phones that were what I would have considered amazing. You can imagine, 12+ hours with those on and my ears were about to fall off. So, my budget concious self decided to head over to Guitar Center and pick up a pair of AKG K240 Studio phones. LOVE THEM! So comfortable and sound is rediculous (to me, not you audiophiles I am sure). They are plenty loud for me when I crank them up, but...You knew there was a but. I read up here in the forums about DACs and Amps and now I want that piece of Schiit Modi/Magni combo :)


Today, I started my first DIY audio task. I am not a fan of long cords, so I decided to create my own. Seeing as I live here in Chicago, I decided to support local and picked up some Switchcraft components (3.5mm right-angle & 3-pin mini-xlr) and some Canare L-4E6S cable. First thing I did was strip off the rubber and fish on some paracord (another hobby of mine, paracord crafting). In the process of doing things, my fat fingers fumbled and actually broke off a pin on the xlr, so I just ordered 2 more so I can finish my cable. I will post pics once I am able to. Close to local is Full Compass. I ordered tonight, ground shipping, and they will be here Friday, so all is good.


Once again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the forums, the wiki, and site.

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Competent DIYers are always welcome!


My new Mogami cable also uses "Chicago's own" Switchcraft.


Do you still have the HD520-II? If so, please bring it to the meet. (I'm quite interested in vintage Austro-German models.)

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Competent? I just said I was a DIY'er :p I like the Switchcraft stuff, not to shabby on the eyes for my front facing stuff either. I just found out I have an almost-neighbor (1 mile away maybe) that is a Furutech rep/dealer/whatever. Already talked about getting a couple connectors to try out. Yes, still have the HD520-II's. They are sitting about 2 feet away from me. They eventually need a little repair on stuff like the cable (right side has a short somewhere at times) and the foam inside the cups need to be replaced. The ear pads are still good and comfortable. I shall bring them along with me.

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You're probably better than I. biggrin.gif

Re: HD520-II.That's wonderful! The fans always enjoy hearing something different, and a lot of vintage models I've listened to certainly sound more interesting than what's around today.
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