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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 7

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So, I've liked on Facebook,

and replied on this thread (obviously)

But, I don't have a twitter account.


Am I still in?

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I'm in.


Is it US only? Any other condition? Anyway I had you followed, always great to support a great company.

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Awesome, I like free stuff

count me in

With the amount of people applying, I don't think anybody's gonna win.
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ME ME ME!!! haha I've liked your FB page.

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I've been reading this forums a lot lately and this post made me register finally.


Liked the FB page, followed on Twitter and replied.

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Yes, please!


Facebook and Twitter done.  


Thanks for the opportunity!

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Originally Posted by TeamHiFiMAN View Post

Hi guys,

we gonna send free gifts to the people who are interested in our products, and the rule is very simple. us on the Facebook (Hifiman electronics)


2.follow us on Twitter(hifimanofficial)

3.reply this thread

we will randomly select 4 people on April 15,  and the gifts are:

1 RE600($399)
1 RE700+RE400($249)
2 RE400($99)

Good lucksmily_headphones1.gif

Count me in
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Please please please. I was planning to buy the RE-400. Now, I will win it :)

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Yes to all 3 Love your work!

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Liked on facebook and followed on Twitter.



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Liked, followed and replied!

count me in!

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oooooOOOOOOOOOoooooo, free thangs! Yes please!


@TimedDynamite on twitter m8

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I'm in I guess...

twitter: @nihontoman

Facebook: Giorgi Khutsishvili


but yeah, it's interesting how you will identify people... oh well, HM700+RE400 combo would be a great thing to win :D

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Nice move, thanks :)

Count me in !

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Liked on facebook and followed on twitter.


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