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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 35

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please include me in your drawing. I would really like to own a pair of hifiman headphones!

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Sure!! Whatever!
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This is awesome, would love to try out some higher end stuff for the cool price of free :)

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I also spoil the odds.

Thanks Hifiman.



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Count me in!



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Followed on twitter!
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plz get

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Liked (/grman.rodriguez.946)

Followed (@GDRA50)

Replied! (hi)

I hope I win, how will you announce the winner?

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Please be me! I need a pair of IEMs!

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Nice promotion!
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I like free stuff!!

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Hi. Would love to try my luck. Liked and followed

Fb name: Tan Yu Peng
twitter @s0ulbl4des
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FINALLY! ...I did it, I caved in and made a Facebook and Twitter account! (btw, what the hell is twitter? Ha! :0)


All I'm saying is I better win something!:evil:





forgot to mention, yes, first thing I did was liked and followed Hifiman! 

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Fb liked and twitter done
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I'm in would like to give HM700 another go :)

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