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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 33

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Thread made me finally register here :D And like and follow. Allright, I'm in.

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Originally Posted by TeamHiFiMAN View Post

Hi guys,

we gonna send free gifts to the people who are interested in our products, and the rule is very simple. us on the Facebook (Hifiman electronics)


2.follow us on Twitter(hifimanofficial)

3.reply this thread

we will randomly select 4 people on April 15,  and the gifts are:

1 RE600($399)
1 RE700+RE400($249)
2 RE400($99)

Good lucksmily_headphones1.gif

Love ur products..i probably had all ur fullsize headphones until now..and now have a very unique limited version of ur rare HE5.. U wont believe how stunning his modded he5 sounds on my blue circle audio amp (review i made is in my signature for anyone interested to read it)

Okay.. Here the facts to enter the contest:

Like on Facebook: done, my name there is: alexandro batista
Follow on twitter: done, my name there is: paulo coelho
Reply on this thread: done!

Just sold my hm602 to help finance my new code-x He-5... So i hope to win a hm700..or a re600 wink.gif

Well..wish me luck then!
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count me in

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Thanks Hifiman Electronics.

I saw 2 pages for Hifiman Electronics facebook page I'm not sure which one, so I liked both.

Count me in! :) 

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Liked and followed. It's kind of weird, me replying, since I usually don't bother to log in. I prefer to post in Taiwanese and Chinese forums, where I can use my native language. I will post a review here if I win though :)

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Liked, followed and now replied!


Looking forward to HE-560!

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This is simply so cool! Have always wanted to try out Hifiman's products. Let's see how it goes!

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Here's my reply, did the other two.

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Count me in! Fb liked,and followed on twitter.
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Awesome! Thanks! :D

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:) good luck

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Count me in smily_headphones1.gif fb liked and twitter done
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Done! Just a few more days...

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