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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 4

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You bet. I count me in.
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im in!

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ooo.... was looking for a new dap & hp! :)

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Liked, followed, and here's my reply. Gimme them sweet headphones! Yeah!


Facebook = Alex Najdek

Twitter = @sludgeogre

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Done, Done and Done!

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Started with Balanced-Re-Zero-then bought- Euphonic-Re-262-Now have the Analytical-RE-0-How could I resist not buying the-RE-400. Now if only I can have the privilege to a HifiMan HM700 Pleeeeeeeeease :-) 


From a loyal fan of the Hifiman Sound-"Good luck to Hifiman Team and wish many more Superb products".

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All done. Replied


Thanks hifiman

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Woooo hoo. I'm in.

Freebies biggrin.gif
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Count me in!

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liked! followed and  replied.:bigsmile_face: 

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I'm in, thanks for the op!
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awesome, did all of the above and now for the results :D

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Liked and replied!

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