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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 25

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Also, are you going to PM us on here if we win? or what?

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Liked as Louis Chew on Facebook and followed as LouisChewNW on Twitter .


Hope lady luck is on my side. Thanks for the opportunity Hifiman.

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Count me in. Still liking my HE400.

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What a wonderful thing!!!!
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Just entered! Hope I get lucky this time! 

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ookey! liked, followed, replied.

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And Done. atsmile.gif
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Done as requested. Fingers crossed.

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I was about to by the re400, so a competition to win them is perfect timing!
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Thanks in advance!

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Please count me in.

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Liked, followed, and posting now.

Cole Johnson on Facebook, coletrain104 on Twitter.

I'm psyched, I would really love to win the HM700 especially

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Done, done and done. Thanks Hifiman - good luck!
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I must say hifiman has not only a great customer service but also great promotions. ;-)
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