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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 3

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All done! Sure hope i win something. :etysmile:

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Excellent & Free.  Why not?

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Hi Hifiman!


I'm following you on Twitter (@CapturedSociety) and I liked you on Facebook (Richard Persaud)! I'll retweet and leave a post on Facebook as confirmation.

I was about to purchase your HM-700 player but I ran out of money buying the new Bowers and Wilkins P7's :eek:

I want to also do one of my stupidly in depth reviews on it; this is the one I did for the P7's:



Damn I really, REALLY hope I win a new PMP; my Zune is amazing but it just doesn't have enough power :(


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liked and followed, count me in ; )


always liked hifiman! now rocking with the HM-802 :etysmile: 

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Liked, followed, replied! Pick me, pick me!


But I want HE-560 and HE-400i as gift! 

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Done and done.
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I wish I could get one of them. I am also in. :)

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I want to win some free Hifiman stuff! Count me in!

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I love HiFiman headphones !
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Want to get RE700!!!


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i liked and following more news about he560 and he400i !

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Great! I'm in!

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Lets hope for winning ;)

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I'm in :)

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