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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 15

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 Done all three. Sweet move Hifiman!

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3 tasks done, count me in.

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1. Andrew Espectacion
2. @proudmortal4317
3. Replied to this thread

Hoping for an upgrade for my VSonic GR07, Thanks for the opportunity biggrin.gif
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awesome :D

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Love to have some new monitors!

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1: facebook done! User name (Gunshots ByComputer) I like my anonymity

2. Twitter done! RobertXXXXX (would rather not post my last name. I like my anonymity) can confirm last name in PM if needed

3. respond to this thread. DONE! 


Cheers! Thanks for the opportunity. HE-400 are on my very short list of want to buy if I ever had the cash. 

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Followed by dirtrooje.

Replied here.


Nice one!

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Liked! Own and still using the RE272! A great IEM! Interested in other models as well! smily_headphones1.gif
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World be Nice with a new pair of headphones. Fingers crossed!
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Count me in, I already have RE-262 and RE-272 and love them both

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Wow, great timing for this giveaway.  Just convinced myself it would be financially acceptable to grow the IEM farm again and started by looking at RE600.


Liked on Facebook (Catch Bell) and replied here.

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Now following Hifiman on those pages! :) Outside of head-fi world I am a web developer, tech blogger and a social media marketing specialist, maybe it's better to use rafflecopter in running a giveaway? In that sense people will be randomly selected (computer generated) and you can reach more followers and likers via social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter and etc. Oh by the way it will also increase your chance to be viral. Try it next time. :)

Check this out:

More power to Hifiman and Cheers! I really hope to win any of those. :)

Best Regards,


Papijoe / Peter Jan Icogo

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Count me in! 

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Would be nice to win.  Good luck to all.

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Hope I got a chance too.....
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